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Releases, Batches, and Single Barrels

Each bottle of Left Bank will mention its release and then either a batch number or a barrel number or name. This page will help you understand the story that tells.

A release to us is basically a specific journey down the rivers. Release 1 was in spring 2020.  Release 2 floated down in late summer 2021.  Release 3 floated in March/April of 2023.  Release 4 is headed down the rivers in the Winter of 2023/2024.

Here are the batches and barrels we have bottled to date:

Release 1

Release 1 made its journey down the River system in the summer of 2020.  Twenty barrels of 2 year-old or older Green River bourbon with our custom blend of staves added during the journey.  We landed on 4 batches for this release – each with its own flavor notes and each bottled at the proof where it presented best to our tasting panels.


Release 1:Batch 1


This was 4 barrels which were combined for around 650 bottles (we held some back and put it into a barrel for a future single barrel release 😉 ).  We bottled batch 1 at 105 proof.
Tasters’ notes: Batch 1 smells mostly sweet up front, with hints of maple syrup and honey. The taste adds some notes of spice and wood (think a little cinnamon spice and some oak in the flavors). The finish continues with a marriage of both caramel and cinnamon.


Release 1:Batch 2


Batch 2 was 4 barrels and combined for just over 800 bottles.  It was bottled at 108 proof.

Tasters’ Notes: Our tasters picked up a lot of lovely smells and tastes often associated with delicious baked goods when they sampled Release 1:Batch 2. It starts with caramel and floral notes on the nose.  The taste presents more caramel and some honey notes.  They found the finish to continue with the honey and baking spice notes.  


Release 1:Batch3


Batch 3 is a combination of 4 barrels from our first river journey was was bottled at 99 proof.  We bottled just under 850 bottles of batch 3.
Tasters’ Notes: Left Bank Batch 3 presented itself to our tasters with the most fruit aromas. They noted some hints of banana and apricot on the nose.  The taste brings forward butter, nutmeg, and honey flavors with mint arriving on the scene late during the taste.  The finish continues the butter and honey but the mint is what remained as the dominant flavor afterwords.  




Batch 4 was the biggest batch of our first release with around 1500 bottles in total.  It’s a perfect combination of 8 barrels (2 of each of our separate staves plus 2 unstaved barrels from the same river journey).  We bottled batch 4 at 105 proof where it presented best across our tasting panels.
Tasters’ Notes: The tasters picked up toffee notes and maybe a little white chocolate while nosing batch 4. The taste introduces some earthy notes and some black pepper spice. The finish carries forward the toffee and perhaps white chocolate notes. If you pick up pineapple or citrus on this batch, you're not alone! Some of the barrels from this batch definitely had some strong but yummy aromas most likely stemming from some of the bumping and jostling during their journey.


Release 2


Release 2 made its way down the river systems in December of 2021.  It was 12 barrels of 2 year-old or older Green River Kentucky Bourbon with our own blends of staves added to the barrels prior to their journey.  We landed on 3 batches for Release 2 and we’re holding back 2 barrels from this batch plus our release 1:batch1 re-casked barrel for barrel picks in the middle of 2022.


Release 2:Batch 1


This batch is 4 barrels combined and bottled in March of 2022.


Release 2:Batch 2


This batch is 4 barrels combined and bottled in June of 2022.


Release 2:Batch 3


This is a short batch – 2 barrels with the staves sewn together and combined within the barrels for the journey. Release 2:Batch 3 was bottled in the middle of 2023

Single Barrels

Release 2:Barrel 1

This barrel was sold in Hy-Vee Nebraska stores and is named after Alligator Horse J. Hightower.  It is bottled cask strength at 102.6 proof.

Release 2:Barrel 3


This barrel can currently be found via our online store when it is still in supply


Release 1:Batch1 re-casked

This barrel was sold in Hy-Vee Nebraska stores and is named after Alligator Horse S. Hewlitt. It is bottled cask strength at 120.2 proof.

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